Data-Based Decision Making

About O-fice

The O-fice service helps clients control real estate costs, while creating more effective workspace for employees.

Do you know answers to this questions?
Do you miss hard, accurate data about utilization of your work space?
How often is a specific working chair in use?
How many people has used your all-the-time occupied meeting room?

O-fice helps you to analyze the resulting data to recommend better ways of using the space. Helps you to focus only on your business. O-fice encourages company culture, improves efficiency and satisfaction of you – end customers.

“O-fice provides important data. Connection of accurate sensors, high-performance peripheries, smart applications, server solution and web application provides answers to questions concerning utilization of work spaces. Which spaces are underused? Does your work environment support your work style? Do you have the right balance between individual and collaborative space?”

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How does O-fice work

The first step toward using your space more efficiently is to understand how you`re using it now. O-fice solution uses wireless sensors that attach unobtrusively beneath all chairs within a workplace. The sensors track occupancy by detecting movement. Data are analyzed and better ways of using the space are recommended.

You can see the occupancy of your meeting room in last week for example, but we can focus more on details. It’s very simple to add new customer, record your office space plan, connect object to sensors and start to gauge. Everything is fast and intuitive.



Myth 1: When people are asked about the percentage of time they use their spaces, they generally report 82% – 98% usage
Fact 1: In fact actual average utilization is 19% – 37% – based on several studies (standard workstations are unoccupied about 60% of the time)

Myth 2: Our work style is specific and general studies can not be applied.
Fact 2: There are 10 key work modes (see more at www.livingoffice.cz), which cover 98% of all behaviors in offices. You can verify this in your office using data from O-fice.

Myth 3: Our offices are ready for expansion and space reduction is not possible
Fact 3: When reducing the work space about 15% the savings could be up to 25% of costs because of less furniture, less energy consumption….. Count with us.



O-fice data can help organizations make effective use of all objects in the Living Office concept. The data uncovered by O-fice studies can be used to build a business case for workplace change, one that draws on objective analysis rather than subjective opinions.

Space utilization data can help organizations find a balance between efficiency and effectiveness. The efficiency comes from reducing real estate costs, while the effectiveness comes from realigning space in a way that better supports how your people actually work.



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