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The iconic Aeron chair has been remastered to meet the needs of today’s work.
With the help of original co-designer Don Chadwick, we thoughtfully updated in 2017 the chair based on the latest research around the science of sitting, and advancements in materials, manufacturing and technology. The original legendary chair from 1994 was redesigned to better suit today's daily needs. Pellicle, the innovative, elastomeric suspension of the original Aeron, eliminated circulation-restricting pressure points and stretched the boundaries of material design.
HM Aeron - product presentation Play
HM Aeron - product presentation
HM Aeron - adjustment Play
HM Aeron - adjustment
HM Aeron - story of the chair Play
HM Aeron - story of the chair
HM Aeron - launch 2016 Play
HM Aeron - launch 2016


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