EchoJazz - EchoBoard


Basic information

In addition to the utilization in our standard products, we also offer EchoBoard® as a semi-finished products. EchoBoard® is available in 12mm and 24mm thickness.
These ECHOJAZZ high performance acoustic absorbers can be used in a wide variety of soundproofing scenarios. There are no shapes, designs or applications that would not allow the robust and easy-care material to be used. Both on the ceiling and on the wall as well as on furniture, light installations and other spatial elements, the unique EchoBoards® are always an appropriate choice and can be used for your individual soundproofing purposes.
With EchoBoards®, you can rely on proven materials in every situation, which distinguish themselves with their performance as well as their ecological characteristics. They are not only characterized by excellent absorption rates, but also by their low weight, long-lasting dimensional stability and moisture resistance. Moreover, EchoBoards® are emission-free and meet the highest European fire safety regulations.


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